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We are the largest provider of Home Maintenance and Lifestyle Services in the UAE.


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Maintenance Packages

I want to protect my home from breakdowns, which of your packaged services is right for me?

Prices starting from
per month


Unlimited Emergency Callouts
First hour manpower free
4hr Guaranteed Response
NO Annual Maintenance
AC x0 Electrical x0 Plumbing x0
AED 120/hr Add Manpower
Parts Charged Extra
Prices starting from
per month


Unlimited Emergency Callouts
First Hour Manpower Free
2hr Guaranteed Response
Annual Maintenance
AC x3 Electrical x1 Plumbing x1
Free Additional Manpower
Parts Charged Extra
Prices starting from
per month


Unlimited Emergency Callouts
First Hour Manpower Free
2hr Guaranteed Response
Annual Maintenance
AC x3 Electrical x1 Plumbing x1
Free Additional Manpower
Unlimited Spare Parts

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The tagline is 'Maintenance Plus More'! If you need something done with your home we can do it

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are AC, Electrical and Plumbing Maintenance important for my home?

The UAE has extremely harsh weather conditions, extreme heat and dust places a heavy burden on Air Conditioners that are often run at full capacity 24 hours a day during the summer months. Construction practices in this region have left many apartments and villas with drainage systems that are overly susceptible to blockages. These two facts of life mean that your home is 80% likely to suffer at least one major breakdown a year and many homes breakdown much more often than that. A preventative maintenance program will identify common problems and replace parts that wear out with heavy use before breakdowns occur. Maintaining Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing systems, extends their life and prevents major breakdowns. This saves you money and saves you the inconvenience of emergency calls after a disaster has happened. Just like a car, if you maintain your home it will run better and give you less hassles.


How often would I need Preventative Maintenance for my home?

Due to the extreme heat and our absolute dependency on air conditioning during summer Mplus+ recommends three A/C maintenance service visits in an annual maintenance program as well as one maintenance service visit for your Electrical and Plumbing systems each year. In our experience this will ensure that all systems run smoothly and you will be much less likely to suffer a breakdown.


Why should I buy a home maintenance contract?

Mplus+ does provide once off A/C, Electrical and Plumbing Emergency Fix services. We charge by the hour, all parts are charged extra and we provide a same day / next day commitment. We designed our range of maintenance service packages to provide customers with a guaranteed price and response time. All our maintenance contract customers receive priority service, guaranteed onsite attendance within 4 hours (in 87% of cases we arrive in less than 30 minutes) and it is a fixed price per month / per year for Unlimited Emergency Fixes. On average this works out to be much cheaper than once off repairs and you have peace of mind that if something goes wrong it will be fixed that same day.


What are the Plus+ Services that can be added to my home maintenance service?

Plus+ services are additional lifestyle services that can be added to any home maintenance contract. We keep our maintenance cost as low as possible and then enable you to add on additional services at your own discretion. We allow you to add on almost all our other services such as Home Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Car Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning and Pest Control onto any of our packages onto HomeSure Cover, Essential or Extra and then pay for them either monthly or annually.


What do you mean by Unlimited Emergency Call outs and Unlimited Spare Parts?

Unlimited Emergency Call Outs is a policy are included in all our maintenance service packages. It means that we will come to your home to fix an issue with your AC, Electrical or Plumbing systems – the first hour of labour is included for free no matter how many times we come to your home while you have a maintenance contract with us (90% of issues are fixed in the first hour). Unlimited Spare Parts is a policy included in our HomeSure Extra maintenance service package. It means that all parts that are required to fix an air-conditioning, electrical or plumbing system fault are also free during the lifetime of your maintenance contract.


Can you explain the difference between Monthly Payment and Annual Discount Plans?

We offer the flexibility to pay monthly or annually for all our maintenance service packages and most of our Plus+ Lifestyle services. If you elect to pay monthly you must pay using your credit card online and you may cancel the service at any time and it will end in the month you are in with no penalty. If you elect to pay for an entire year up front we will provide you a 10% discount to the regular monthly price, you can pay using credit card online or using cash or cheque (we will even come to your home to pick it up) but there is no refunds if you decide to cancel your contract before the year is finished.

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Mplus+ About Us                     


Mplus Fleet

With years of experience delivering maintenance solutions to residential communities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Mplus+ experience is unparalleled. Mplus+  gives customers the confidence in knowing that the service provided is of the highest quality.

Mplus+ provides three core services

HomeSure our home maintenance solution provided for residential customers across Dubai and Abu Dhabi covers Electrical, Plumbing and A/C as standard with additional services available. You can either purchase an annual maintenance package or a single service, whatever you choose is up to you. All of our HomeSure packages have been tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

EcoSAVER is an energy saving solution for your home giving you the opportunity to save at least 15% off your home DEWA bill – GUARANTEED or your money back! EcoSAVER will reduce energy consumption on your A/C, Water & Lighting equipment without affecting their performance throughout your home. Whilst saving you money on your bills, it will also save energy on your carbon footprint!

 BusinessSMART is an office maintenance solution taking away all hassle, giving business owners an efficient working environment. All BusinessSMART packages have been created to suit each business owner’s needs according to their office space. Each package is tailored according to their office space in sq ft. 

Customer Service is our top priority; Mplus+ provides a 24hour contact centre that operates 7 days a week, monitoring emergency calls and portal requests from all customers. The Mplus+ Service Guarantee is on-site Response within 4hrs and a 30 day warranty on all labour.