Gardening Know-How’s in Dubai

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Maintaining one’s garden regularly can not only prevent it from looking unkempt, but can actually prove to be a calming and enjoyable task, adopted by many as a hobby. A few simple garden care tips will go a long way in keeping your garden in pristine condition.

  • Watering your garden regularly is essential and basic. In order to avoid overwatering, check to see if the first two to three inches of the soil are dry and ensure that the soil is damp and not soggy after watering. During summer months, it is advisable to water the plants in the morning, before it evaporates when the sun comes out. Different plants require different amounts of water, which is usually informed when buying them from the nursery.
  • Trimming your plants and mowing the lawn regularly will ensure your garden looks beautiful, and will save you the trouble of dealing with one that is growing wild and out of control. Little and often does the trick!
  • Ensure your soil is healthy as it prevents the growing of weeds. Remember to add the necessary fertilizers and ensure that the shaded areas and those exposed to the sun are treated separately. Food waste from your kitchen can serve as great manure for your garden, and you can even consider having a small compost pit if the space allows for it!

If you are looking for any gardening services in Dubai, we are ready to help you with a garden maintenance package, our specialist team will visit your home to ensure that your garden lives up to its fullest potential.

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