Vacation Tips

mplus home maintenance tips in dubai, uae

Going on vacation? Don’t forget to pack up the most important thing, your home!

The worst feeling is leaving your home to come back to a stuffy place with dusty odour, dirty laundry and a foul smelling fridge. Avoid finding yourself in frantic state, moments before you start your vacation. Plan ahead and follow some easy tips provided by MPLUS+ to protect your home while you’re away on vacation.
• Keep one air conditioning unit switched on at a consistent level within the home leaving all the room doors open to let the air circulate or adjust your thermostat. If you are concerned about keeping the bills down, then make sure it is on, but at a higher temperature and invest in the Aircon EcoSAVER that reduces electricity consumption on spilt A/C units.

• Ask your home maintenance provider to perform preventative maintenance on all air conditioners and water outlets.

• Unplug all non-essential appliances. You may not know but electronics that are plugged can use a lot of power even when turned off.

• Switch off all lights. If for any reason, you need to leave the lights on, invest in.

• It is important to get the kitchen under control. Make sure to clean up the dirty plates and cutlery, take out all the trash, empty the fridge as smallest of crumbs can attract can those pesky ants.

• Ensure a deep clean before you leave. Getting back to your daily routine after vacation can be rough; returning to a clean home makes it a lot easier. If your to-do list is long, hire a maintenance company to do best cleaning services for you.

• Bring in all outdoor furniture (if any).

• Stop newspaper delivery. Pile of newspapers at your doorstep is an easy sign of an empty home.

• Lock your house. Make sure all windows, doors and even the little bathroom windows, you think no one could possibly fit into are secured well.

• And most importantly, invest in a security alarm and cameras which is connected with your mobile device if you don’t already have one.

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