Founded in 2011, mplus+ provides preventative Home Maintenance across Dubai and Abu Dhabi residential customers.mplus+ gives customers the confidence in knowing that the service provided is of the highest quality, whether purchasing an annual mplus+ Home Maintenance package or a single service.

Our Vision

UAE’s leading home maintenance provider delivering reliable and responsive service with pride to make your home safe and comfortable.


Our mplus+ Brand Promise was created to give you confidence that mplus+ will deliver on service, quality and brand. We value our customers and want to provide you with the best so we follow our Brand Promise to do just that:

We will provide you with the highest standard of Customer Service
We will call you when we say we will
We will keep you informed at all times
We will turn up on time
We will provide you professional service with experienced staff
We will listen and provide a solution


We hire the most professional and experienced staff so we can deliver great quality and service to our customers. We are always available to discuss any concerns about your home. Your safety and comfort is our number one priority.

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