Duct and Coil Cleaning

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How safe your home or office room air quality? Or When did you clean your AC ducts and coil last? Book an AC duct and coil cleaning with mplus to improve the air quality.

Our team of experts is experienced in assessing the condition of your AC ducts / coil and cleaning your system so you can breathe more easily and safely.

  • Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting AC ducts and coil to improve the quality of air and prevent cross contamination
  • Reducing allergens and irritants
  • Creating healthier living and working environments
  • Reducing odors
  • Using PAT-certified cleaning equipment, including negative air machines, vacuum collection equipment and rotating brush machines to ensure the best results


  • AC technical works, Ac service/other civil work is not covered in this offer
  • Removal of coil & fixing, flushing, mold & fogging treatment is not covered in this offer.
  • Ceiling cutting, painting ,carpentry work , Any kind of maintenance is not covered in this offer
  • Blower cleaning is not included.
  • Bad smell, mold and fungus treatment is not included in our quotation
  • Our painting scope includes only application of 2 coats of Jotun Paint (white or off white) on the ceiling area where access opening is made.
  • Requirement for application of any special paint or other brands of paint will be charged additional
  • The aforementioned charge applies only for this combined services (Duct & Coil cleaning together) offer
  • Removal of valuables like furniture, gold, documents, equipments etc from the worksite is Clients responsibility.
  • Clients / pets allergies to the chemicals we use should be notified beforehand, we shouldnot be held responsible
  • Client shall provide gate pass for our personnel, equipment and vehicle.
  • The service charge includes cost of labor charges, food & all other necessary materials, accommodation and transportation. We will not do any service other than aforementioned.
  • All the required approvals from Government, RTA, Municipality, Building Management should be obtained beforehand by the client.
  • The client shall supply water and electricity.

Duct Cleaning

  • We will come and check the premises before commencement of the work and confirm the safety measures to be taken
  • Kids,pets and people allergic to dust should be isolated from the worksite. People present at worksite should wear mask to avoid any dust allergy.
  • Furniture and floor will be covered with polythene sheets
  • Turn-off the ac. Grilles and diffusers will be removed and cleaned. Filters will be cleaned.
  • HEPA vaccum machine with rotating machine will be used to clean the duct.
  • Before and after photos will be taken.
  • Chemical to prevent fungus and mold will be applied in the duct.
  • Unit will be checked for proper functioning and will report if any faulty/missing parts. Repair of unit is not included in our offer
  • Work site will be cleared off and debris will be properly disposed.
  • We will use only approved chemicals imported from US for ac duct cleaning.

Coil cleaning

  • Covering all area.
  • Cleaning of coil by using Alubright chemical & Special coil cleaning equipment

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Home Maintenance Company Dubai, Home repair services Dubai, UAE
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Home Maintenance Company Dubai, Home repair services Dubai, UAE
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