Q&A: Pest Control

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1. What are the common house pests here in the UAE?

A- Cockroaches & Ants are the most common pests in the UAE.

2. When should a home owner contact a pest control company?

A- Pest Control is a specialist service and a qualified service provider must be called in as and when a pest issue is identified.

3. How often should one contact a pest control company?

A- One in six months is a recommended proactive approach to dealing with pests

4. Are there any misconceptions about pests among homeowners?

A- A particular misconception is that Pest Control will eradicate the pests for good. To ensure a pest control is effective it is also important to identify why the pests are present and deal with the source first, and then conduct a pest control to rid the premise of existing pests.

5. Are there pest control products available over the counter? Is this advisable?

A- 1. Sprays, Glue Sheets, Traps and so on, are available in stores. Choose a reputed store / product. Be cautious of cheap imitations.

2. No, it’s best to leave this to the experts.

6. How much is the estimated cost of pest control service?

A- Between AED 300 to 350 for a 2 Bed Room for a General Pest Control service – Specialist Services will cost more (depending on the type of pest).

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