Pleated Flyscreen Installation Service

Enjoy the outdoors without letting flies and mosquitos into your home. We install fly screens to keep insects and flies out.

We install high-quality fly screens that let the fresh air in while keeping flies and insects out. Whether you want a new fly screen on a door or window, or you want to replace an existing fly screen that has been damaged, our team of experts can help you choose the right fly screen solution and install it. We make your fly screens to measure, so whether your door windows are big, small or somewhere in between, we’ll make sure your fly screens are the perfect fit.


  1. Duration of Services: One off service
  2. Deployment of services within one to two weeks from the date of the receipt of payment.
  3. Any additional services required other than the above offer, shall be quoted and charged separately on a cost-plus basis.
  4. Our quotation remains fixed for a period of Thirty days from the date of this letter.
  5. The Client will provide the following to Emrill free of charge as reasonably required and Emrill shall not be held accountable for any delays where the below provisions are not met;
    • Access to the building / site (including arranging any access/permit card requirement)
    • Water and Electricity
  6. Removal / shifting / movement of furniture, heavy objects, and/or decorations during maintenance. These will be the client’s responsibility unless specifically requested and agreed otherwise between both parties. As such, Emrill shall not be liable for any breakage or damage to such items.
  7. Unless specifically stated otherwise in this quotation, all services will be provided on business days which exclude Saturdays, Sunday, public holidays, and any other days on which banking institutions are required by law to be closed in the UAE. The working hours during the Holy month of Ramadan will be reduced in accordance with the rules and regulations of UAE Government.


  1. 100% payment will be collected prior to the commence of work
  2. Any unforeseen or additional work arising necessary to complete the work will be reported to the client for further authorisation prior to execution.
  3. Any additional work authorised by the Client shall be charged at mplus’s Standard Labour Rates prevailing at the time or any other rates as so agreed.
  4. In respect to where the service is for the supply of labour, appropriate welfare breaks will be taken and the client shall make available suitable welfare facilities. All mplus staff should be provided sufficient level of breaks during the working hours.
  5. mplus undertakes to complete the work in a safe and professional manner.
  6. mplus will take out and maintain appropriate insurance policies with reputable insurance companies as a minimum to the level required by law and in order to cover its potential liabilities under this agreement.
  7. Save where liability cannot be excluded or capped by law, neither party shall be liable to the other for any indirect or consequential losses whatsoever and each party’s liability to the other shall not exceed 100% of the work value under this quotation.
  8. Our prices are based upon current legislation, economic situation and client procedures prevailing and in force at the time of submission. Should there be any changes to these elements prior to the award of the contract or during the term of the contract, that has a material effect on our costs, we reserve the right to adjust our price or service levels accordingly. End.


  • The provided prices are based on the minimum door size of 4 Sqm & windows 1.5 Sqm and any increase on the size will be priced separately
  • Estimation will be completed withing 24 hours of the enquiry
  • Above price is for Color code: RAL Colour & PVL22 Pleated System.
  • Lead Time for product delivery after 100% upfront payment will be 5-7 working day & installation minimum 1-2 hours or based on number of doors/ windows
  • Any requirement of permit for building access is to be obtained / given by the client.
  • Material Warranty of 3 years will be provided, warranty will not cover accidental tear or damage to the screen by the user and damage by mishandling or misuse


  1. Any additions / change in size or quantity after order confirmation will be charged additionally.
  2. Special colours (Like Wooden, SDF, Akzonobel, SAHARA etc) if required will be charged additional.
  3. Minimum Powder coating charges will be applicable if one or two quantities only.
  4. Any other work/spare part other than those mentioned above is excluded and shall be charged additionally.
  5. Any change in quantity will be considered as variation
  6. All type of existing structural issue rectification, civil & MEP works are excluded
  7. Below is not in the mplus scope
    • Malicious Damage, Vandalism, Theft (Other than caused by mplus)
    • Structural and or specialist surveys.
    • Development works/ New scope.

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