The following Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall apply to all services purchased by a customer from mplus, which is a wholly owned division of Emrill Services LLC (hereafter referred to as “mplus”), and the customer shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of Purchase (unless specifically waived or varied by Emrill in writing).


The customer shall:

  1. Ensure that a responsible person, whether this be the property owner, or a representative of the property owner, is present to enable access to the property as agreed/scheduled and be present at the property for the duration of the service delivery. For the avoidance of doubt, if attendance of a scheduled and confirmed callout appointment is delayed or prohibited due to inability to gain access to the premises, the services shall be considered as fulfilled /completed.
  2. Provide water and electricity for any maintenance work being carried out.
  3. Ensure there is a safe and secure means of access to all plant and equipment that requires maintenance (i.e. installation of permanent ladder access to pitch roofs for air conditioning equipment).
  4. Remove all obstructions around the area to be serviced (e.g. water tanks) to allow safe access.
  5. Bear any cost for any destructive access (such as cutting through ceiling plaster or panels) is required for delivery of the services.
  6. Promptly settle all charges without any set-off, deduction or counter claim.


  1. Apartments are defined as homes that are vertically stacked above each other in a single building. In some cases, an apartment may be referred to as studio or a loft.
  2. Villas are defined as homes that are horizontally laid out either as free-standing buildings or with shared walls. In some cases, a Villa may be referred to a Podium Villa or a Townhouse.
  3. Bedrooms are defined as any room that is used for sleeping purposes. A Maid’s room, Driver’s room and/or and study that could be used as a bedroom are included in this definition when defining the overall home size.
  4. For services whose price varies based on home size, the following will define how a home size option is determined:

Home Size Category

Number of Bedrooms (incl. maid’s room / study etc.)

Small Apartment

Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms

Large Apartment

3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms

XL Apartment

5 bedrooms, Penthouse Appt.

Small Villa

2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms

Large Villa

4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms

XL Villa

6 bedrooms, 7 bedrooms

Special Home

Apartments > 5,000 sq. ft., Villas > 8,000 sq. ft.


  1. The scope of services provided is defined as per the package description purchased as well as any additional options or variables selected during the order process. 
  2. Maintenance Services will be scheduled over a recurring 12-month period as per the following:
    1. Bronze Package: 1 x Air Conditioning Scheduled Service 
    2. Silver & Gold Package: 2 x Planned Preventative Air Conditioning Service, 2 x Planned Preventative Electrical Service, 2 x Planned Preventative Plumbing Service, 2 x On Demand Handyman Services 
  3. Spare parts are defined as specific items that must be purchased in order to repair an Air-conditioning, Electrical or Plumbing system. Unless explicitly stated as being included within the chosen package (i.e. within the Gold Package Option), all spare parts and consumables used to complete the scope of services shall be chargeable over and above the package price and will be quoted separately to the customer as required. 
  4. In the event that spare parts are expressly included in the chosen package option, the following table highlights what is or is not included in the package price: 

Parts that ‘Are Included’

Parts and other items that ‘Are Not Included’

Air Conditioning

Fan Motor

Fan Coil Units

Fan Blade

A/C Temperature Thermostat

Insulation, Ducting or Piping



Chemical Coil cleaning

Compressor (Threshold of AED 650 per compressor replacement)


A/C Re-Gassing & Gas Recovery

Other Minor Parts (Threshold of AED 100 per minor spare part)


Water Heater Thermostat

Water Heaters, water Pumps, pressure kits

Toilet Flush Kit

Toilet Pan, Cistern, Basin, Taps

Toilet Push Buttons

Flex Pipes


Float Valve

Other Minor Spare Parts (threshold of AED 100 per minor spare part)

Garden Irrigation Systems

Shattaf (mplus standard issue Shattaf)


Light Switches

Power Distribution Board

Cooker Switch

Light Globes/ Batteries

Power Sockets (13 & 15 Amp).

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) Fuse.


Other Minor Parts (Threshold of AED 100 per minor spare part)

Light bulbs (mplus Standard issue) replaced only once during Electrical service, if required.

Home Automation Systems

Handyman Services

Re-fixing of fixed fly screen (materials charged separately)

Roller fly screens, Aluminium door/ window works (realignment, re fixing)

Hanging of picture / mirrors

Sliding door / glass works

Fixing of bookshelves / shelves

Ceiling tiles fixing / re-fixing 

Tightening of kitchen/cabinet/door hinges

Any new installation (cabinet, doors, windows, gazebos, glass works, etc)

  1. Notification will be communicated to the customer 1 week prior to a planned maintenance visit being carried out. If no confirmation is received by the customer 48 hours prior to the appointment being carried out, the appointment will be cancelled. The customer will have 1 further opportunity to reschedule said appointment within a 4-week period (with the exception of water tank cleaning where rescheduling will not be possible). 
  2. The following items / activities are excluded from the scope of services of all home maintenance packages: 
    • Installation of any items / materials provided by the customer (for safety reasons) 
    • Any system or service not expressly mentioned in our scope 
    • Any addition, upgrade, replacement or partial preplacement to existing systems 
    • Any rectification / modification to correct design, construction or commissioning faults 
    • Modification and or insulation work for piping, ducting and internal duct cleaning 
    • Replacement of water or drainage lines in shafts, air wells, water pumps, pressure vessels, bladders, water tanks etc. 
    • Replacement of complete light fittings 
    • Roof or basement leakage due to water proofing failure of the structure 
    • Kitchen equipment 
    • Audio visual equipment 
    • Data and related components 
    • Generators 
    • Chilled water pumps or piping insulation 
    • Garden Sprinkler/Irrigation systems and associated pumps and equipment 


  1. The following Emergency Call Outs for reactive repairs on Air conditioning, Electrical or Plumbing Systems are included in the package cost and are designed: 
    • Bronze Package:Maximum of 6 call outs 
    • Silver Package:Maximum of 8 call outs 
    • Gold Package:Maximum of 10 call outs 
  2. A system emergency is categorised as: 
    • Complete failure of A/C system in the premises 
    • Complete failure of electrical power in the premises 
    • Complete failure of water system pressure 
    • Complete failure of plumbing drainage system 
  3. Any system emergencies that are associated with issues for which mplus has previously provided the customer with a quote ( that was no accepted ) to fix the root cause of said issue will not be included as a complimentary call out and will be chargeable in full
  4. The first hour of any call out is included for all packages. Additional hours will be charged as follows: 
    • Bronze Package:AED 185 per hour 
    • Silver & Gold Package:Included in package price 
  5. mplus will not be held responsible for any damage to the customer’s property, in the intervening time between the receipt of the call out request by the customer, and the arrival of the mplus team.
  6. Fair Usage: For customers paying monthly, the call out allowance will be limited by a pro-rata amount (e.g. Bronze Package – 2 call outs every 2 months).  


  1. Fees due are as per the relevant maintenance package or applicable quotation. 
  2. Payments can be made via MasterCard or Visa credit cards.
  3. Payments due will be reflected on the customer’s account. In the event of a monthly package charge, payment is due on or before the 20th of each month. In the event of an ad hoc services, payment is due within 10 days from the date of the charge. 
  4. Should any payment fail to be made, the customer’s account and all services will be suspended or discontinued until payment is cleared in full. 
  5. mplus reserves its right to apply interest to any overdue sums in accordance with UAE law. 
  6. All payment transactions are to be made in AED only. 
  7. If the customer disputes any charge, it must notify mplus in writing no later than 5 working days from the date of the charge, invoice or quotation following which, both parties shall cooperate in good faith to resolve the issue promptly. If the customer fails to notify mplus within said time period, the charge will be deemed valid and due in full. 
  8. The customer shall pay the Fees plus any applicable VAT.


  1. In the event that a scheduled visit needs to be cancelled by mplus, the visit will be rescheduled at no extra cost to the customer. 
  2. The customer must give 48 hours’ notice to cancel a scheduled visit upon which the customer will have 1 opportunity to reschedule said visit within a 4-week period. No cancellations are permitted for water tank cleaning (with the exception of water tank cleaning where rescheduling will not be possible). 
  3. Customers using packages and making monthly payments may cancel their package subscription with 60 days written notice to mplus. Payments for the 60-day cancellation period will be due as normal. 
  4. Customers using packages that have paid for said package annually in advance may cancel their package at any time. Due to the fact that a 5% discount has been provided for packages of this nature, no refunds will be provided early cancellation of the service. 
  5. mplus reserves the right to cancel any service or package at any time with immediate effect in the event that, in the reasonable opinion of mplus, the customer is responsible for any of any of the following: 
    • Abuse of staff 
    • Fraud or misrepresentation 
    • Misuse of the services 
    • Inappropriate or improper conduct 


  1. mplus warrants that it will remedy any defect that is caused as a direct result of mplus actions or negligence at no cost to the customer provided that such defect is highlighted in writing to mplus within 30 days from the date of the original service taking place. 
  2. Warranties shall not be provided on materials or spare parts unless the defect is proven to be as a result of mplus actions or negligence and such defect is highlighted in writing to mplus within 30 days from the date of the original service taking place. 
  3. mplus shall not be liable for any defects that are caused by or related to fair wear and tear, misuse, customer or third-party actions.


  1. mplus reserves the right to refuse an order if it is deemed to require services beyond the reasonable scope indicated. 
  2. No other obligations or services, either impressed, implied, or inferred, during any communications, is included in the charges unless detailed in the package option or in a formal quotation issued by mplus. 
  3. mplus may, at its discretion, make changes to the services and/or terms and conditions. Following any such changes that mplus considers to be material, the customer will be notified. By continuing to use mplus services after said changes are made, the customer is deemed to be expressly acknowledging their acceptance of the changes. 
  4. During the contract period, should any damage to the customer’s property, assets or premises be found to be caused as a direct result of the service provided by mplus and/or due to failure to carry out contracted maintenance (unless such failure was caused or contributed to by the customer or a third party), the financial liability of mplus to the customer will be limited, to the extent permissible by law) to a maximum value of AED 5,000. To the extent permissible by law, mplus shall not be liable for any consequential, indirect or special loss whatsoever. 
  5. These terms and conditions of purchase shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). 
  6. Should there be any changes to legislation applicable to the services provided, any necessary changes to the services and/or fees will be implemented as determined by mplus in order to comply with the new or revised legislation accordingly. 

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