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mplus achieves 5.7 million safe manhours with targeted safety initiatives

04 Apr 2024
mplus achieves 5.7 million safe manhours with targeted safety initiatives

Leading UAE-based property maintenance services provider mplus has reached a significant milestone in its commitment to employee safety. Since 2017, mplus has achieved 5.7 million safe manhours, demonstrating its dedication to ensuring the wellbeing of its workforce in all facets of its operations.

Safety is integral to the company’s internal operations, demonstrated by mplus’ comprehensive range of training programmes delivered in-house, including ladder safety, accident and incident reporting, work at height, tools safety training, fire safety and summer safety. In 2023, 7,943 employees completed internal safety training sessions totalling 9,843 hours to maintain the highest safety standards across mplus’ operations. The introduction of safety champions across project sites has not only strengthened mplus' safety culture but also promoted and encouraged safety on site.

mplus has also invested in the professional development of its workforce through third-party training initiatives, with a total of 221 staff members benefiting from comprehensive training sessions totalling 1,038 hours in 2023. These sessions covered critical areas, including scaffold erection and dismantling, first aid, confined space, working at height, and fire safety. Additionally, employees completed the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safely safety course, further enhancing their expertise and competence in ensuring workplace safety.

Commenting on this achievement, James Smith, support services director at mplus, said: “The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority, as they are the backbone of our company. It is also essential that our people are safe so they can deliver services that contribute to the safety of our clients and their projects. We are committed to fostering a culture of safety, care and support to ensure that every team member feels valued, respected, and protected in the workplace. Achieving 5.7 million safe manhours is an outstanding achievement and demonstrates how effective our training programmes are in the empowerment of our people to carry out their roles efficiently and safely.

“As part of our comprehensive personal development programme in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), mplus has nominated a senior managerial staff member for the prestigious NEBOSH international qualification, while two managers have earned qualifications from IOSH. Over 90 per cent of our team have also received Frontline Heroes training, equipping them with essential skills to ensure safer outcomes in the workplace and on sites.”

Smith concluded: “mplus doesn't just prioritise the safety of its own staff; we also hold external and subcontractor companies to the same rigorous HSE standards we implement within our own operations. Last year, over 200 subcontractor companies underwent evaluation audits to ensure alignment with our commitment to excellence in safety practices. We firmly believe that upholding these standards across all facets of our operations is integral to creating a safe and secure environment for everyone."

In addition to the safe manhours achievement, mplus surpassed its behaviour-based safety (BBS) audit targets, achieving 65 per cent against current manpower, above its 32 per cent target, while workshops focusing on effective behaviour modification techniques are conducted regularly for employees. Additionally, senior management safety tours are conducted quarterly to assess working conditions and safety practices, providing feedback to site management to further strengthen safety initiatives and programmes.

mplus' proactive approach to safety extends to training initiatives, including risk management in facilities management and defensive driving workshops, ensuring supervisors and drivers are equipped with the necessary skills to mitigate risks effectively. mplus' commitment to vehicle safety is evident in daily and weekly inspections conducted on all 34 fleet vehicles, totalling 16,796 inspections in 2023.

With initiatives such as Safety Action Group (SAG) meetings and role plays based on incident trend analysis, mplus remains steadfast in its mission to promote a safety-first culture and continues to prioritise service excellence and ongoing employee development through comprehensive training provided at the company’s dedicated training facility, the Centre of Excellence.

mplus delivers high-quality property maintenance services, including total kitchen maintenance solutions, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing, as well as pest control, cleaning, painting and move-in-move-out services to a diverse range of clients and industries.

mplus partners with Delos to optimise health and well being of residents through enhanced services

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