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Rainy Day Tips For You!

01 Jan 2018
Rainy Day Tips For You!

‘It’s raining, it’s pouring’! We’re in for a treat as this is the season we witness glorious yet sporadic rainfall, and while it makes the weather cooler and outdoor activities more joyful, it also means a lot of grime and germs coming into your home and in its vicinity when you live in a desert. Here are our 5 top tips to keep your home sparkly clean and splash-free!

Keep the wood dry

Rainwater is sneaky! It can ooze in through tiny cracks and spoil your wooden furniture or flooring by ruining the shape and quality of the wood. Try to keep your wooden furniture for indoor use or make sure to varnish key pieces of furniture or hardwood floors with ideal wax or polish in order to protect them from moisture and damage. Moisture is also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and wet furniture could infect your household with a multitude of illnesses like the common cold. Stay dry and stay healthy! You can also get covers for outdoor furniture so this could replace this – what do you think?

Shockproof your electrical fittings

Wires can catch fire! And rhymes won’t put them out. Make sure any electrical switches and cables on your porch or balcony are kept dry or covered to stop moisture and rainwater seeping in. This will also reduce the possibility of unwanted electric shocks when you least expect it.

Freshen up the paint

Years of exposure to the harsh desert sun rays and the annual downpours can make the exterior of your home dull, stained and possibly, cracked. Regularly touching up the paintjob, at least one in five years, can keep your house looking trim and in top shape. Fresh layers of paints are also helpful in preventing severe exterior damage by the elements.

Keeping up with the car

When the rain comes, the roads inevitably flood. And if you’ve got a sloped parking lot or garage, take care to ensure that your vehicle is in a safe driving condition. Tyres that work well in dry conditions may not work on the winter water-logged roads. Make sure the treads of the tyres are at least 3-4 mm deep. Anything less and your car could skid.

Beware of sloppy shoes

In weather like this, sometimes all you can think of is getting home and getting cozy under a blanket. Watch out for the mud and dirt that you, and your family and guests, might track into the house in a hurry! Keep door mats ready and why not have a small shoe rack near your front door where people can safely and cleanly store their shoes when they are inside your lovely home?

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