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How to keep your Pool maintained

01 Jan 2019
How to keep your Pool maintained

Maintenance of a pool can seem like a herculean task cut out only for the professionals. However, following these simple tips provided by mplus regularly can save you the hassle of costly pool maintenance.

  • The first step of maintaining anything is keeping it clean. In case of your swimming pool, basic cleanliness comes from regular removal of leaves and any material floating on the water. This can be done using a long handle net called a leaf skimmer to scoop the floating material out. You can also use a pool vacuum which makes cleaning easier as you can lounge by the side of the pool while vacuuming it. This is done just the way you would vacuum a carpet. It is best to do this at least once every week to prevent foreign materials from settling at the bottom of the pool, making it harder to remove. This also reduces the need to add chemicals to the water to treat it.
  • Scrub the tiles of your pool just at the waterline which tends to be the breeding ground for algae or any harmful bacteria to build-up. Doing this regularly will also help keep your pool clean.
  • The filter helps remove impurities from your pool. Depending on the type of filter and how often you use your pool, it is important to clean it periodically. However, cleaning it too often can be detrimental as a mild amount of dirt helps trap more particles as opposed to a clean filter. Furthermore, clean out the pipes used by your filter system at least once a month by setting the filter to backwash. You can do this while you clean out your leaf basket, and then simply turn on the pump and let it run till clear water runs from the waste pipe.
  • It is important to test the PH level of the water regularly. The PH level refers to the acidity and baseness of the water, and can be tested using a PH testing kit which is easily available and simple to use. The ideal PH level of the water should measure 7.6 on the scale, as a balanced PH level ensures that the pool equipment isn’t damaged and the water is clear to swim in. After consulting with your local pool management facility, you should provide regular treatment for your pool using chlorine or any other sanitizing chemical. mplus Home Maintenance, provides commercial graded equipment and chemicals to help take care of your pool.
  • Check the water levels regularly. Maintaining the right water level ensures that all other things function properly, including the amount of chlorine required the filter, pump, and other equipment.

If you are looking for any pool maintenance services in Dubai, we are ready to help you with a pool maintenance package, our specialist team will visit your place and provides an effectual water treatment services for your swimming pool.

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